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Ocean Reef and the Pirate Treasure Chest Slot

ocean reef slot game

Play amazing ocean reef slot for free!


Until now everybody was searching for treasure chests on lands. From now on our community people can play for free Ocean Reef slot machine.

This is a game where all the action is happening under the sea. In Ocean Reef we can discover some rare species of fish along with a seahorse and an octopus. This fishes are looking great having a nice texture and HD graphics.

From now on the gamblers can hear the real sound of the sea how the waves stirring. Ocean Reef slots is now available for free. It`s a very similar game to Dolphins Pearl having 15 free spins. To achieve this free spins you need to have indifferent where but at least 3 Pirate Treasure Chest.

The best part of free ocean reef slots machine is that inside this free spins you can get more and more spins just getting chests on the reels. We can say that is one of our loved slots were we made a lot of money. With this feature of getting pirate treasure chests inside the free spin is in the favor of the player. The graphics of Ocean Reef is amazing, you can feel like you`re in this world surrounded by under sea animals.

ocean reff slot for real money no deposit casino bonuses

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How to achieve free spins at Ocean Reef


To achieve free spins at this awesome slot machine game you need to get pirate treasure chests at Ocean Reef. This chests are hiding the 15 free spins. It`s good to know with which symbol you can win more at Ocean Reef slots.

We will tell you the secret of this game. There are different symbols as you can see at this pay table.

ocean reef pay-table

Here are this common known symbols that you can find at every slot machine game the 9, 10 , J , Q with the same multiplier with 5 of a kind you can get 250 points at ocean reef.

  • The player can also find the K and Ace symbols. Their values are the same at 5 of a kind of this symbols the gambler can get 312.5 points in the free version of ocean reef slots.
  • The two funny fish, that`s how we call them, because they looks really funny .
  • One fish with that big eye the other one with that two small eyes looking at you that he want to hypnotize. Maybe with his hypnotize we can achieve to win a big amount of money at ocean reef free slot machine.
  • Also to make our day happier a seahorse is waiting for us to be ridden .


All this nice symbols are well made the contour the lines and the figures are well drawn. The two brother fish gives 625 points to the player and the seahorse 1000 points at five of a kind.

At ocean reef slots we can find two other symbols also they look funnier than the fish brothers. It`s an octopus and a crab. The crab has bigger cross eye than we ever saw in the history of slot machines. We are glad that we found a nice looking slot machine game that it`s not just funny but also can lead us to earn some money. This two funny guy can lead us to earn 1875 points getting five of a kind from this symbols at ocean reef.

All these symbols forenamed can be compound with Sharky. YES! At ocean reef free slot machine it is possible to compound symbols with this shark making the winning combination of 2-3-4 or 5 of a kind. For the happiness of the players also this character can make one big winning line. At 5 sharkynators you can get 25000 points at ocean reef slots. It`s not magic it can be real just test this brand new free slot.


At the end we left the biggest treasure of all the time.

The scatter symbol at free ocean reef is the pirates treasure chests. This symbols can appear everywhere making the perfect combination of all time. This is the dream of every one of us, opening a treasure box full of money and achieve the biggest trophy of our life.


Testing Ocean Reef for free!

This underwater world is full with surprise and treasure. Not just for the money that someone can take home with ocean reef slot machine but also for that feeling that can occur with you guys. Test our new slot machine game ocean reef for free without any deposit or any credit card information and share with us your pirate treasure what you achieved.