Horse Racing

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Horse racing is a sport from the ancient Greeks. The first horse racing Olympics were hold at the ancient Greeks once upon a time in 600 BC. Horse racing games appeared for the first time with the prehistoric nomadic tribes.

In central Asia there were several tribes who first domesticated the horse and used it for different activities like harvesting and plowing.

After this the boys conquer a lady by using their horse to show how fast and how good they are. Over the years the king’s brought horses from Asia or Arabia to conquer with them.

Horse racing

Two basic rules of horse racing

Trotting – Meaning that the jockey is not sitting on the back of the horse, he sits in a two wheeled cart that is attached to the horse. This car is named Sulky. In the race the horse trot, this means that the horse first two legs lands at the same time. The horse is disqualified when starts to gallop.

Gallop – This means when the horse reaches the maximum speed, the jockey sits on the back of the horse.

Thoroughbred racing- means racing on a flat track. The track is oval in shape. The jockey in this race sits on the back of the horse and the race is based on speed. There are two more racing types that can be mentioned, the handicap and the condition races.

The handicap races are based on the wight of the horses, they calculate the weight that the horse can carry on his back. Every horse has a different ability. Horse racing games are very popular. In addition it is good to mention that every horse is influenced by the weight of the jockey and the surface of the track. Every track has a different surface, not all of the tracks have perfect smoothness. This greatly affects the running time of the horses, beside this the legs of the horse are tired faster if the track is not totally flat.

Horse racing live

Nowadays on the internet  you can bet on a specific type of horse racing with or without Sulky. Before betting it’s good to mention that every player has to know the rules of horse racing games. If you want to increase your chance of winning we recommend to spend some time and read about all the horses and the jockeys that take part in the race. But of course every one of you can bet without knowing anything about this game and maybe you get lucky.

I don’t recommend using this option because you can lose all your money if you don’t know the background of the horse or jockey. You can find a result table from every horse and every jockey at the specific betting saloon, just take attention and don’t listen to any other player, like which is the faster horse or which not. Bet every time accordingly to your divination and maybe you will get lucky. Playing on horse racing live you can win a big amount of money, so try out your luck. Now it is possible to bet on our site for free without any deposit, just try your luck for free.

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