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Play at our most popular slots machines absolutely free. Many of the games that we offer have 3D graphics, stunning sound quality and other nice effects (Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Lord of the Ocean, Lucky Lady’s Charm and others). It was a long time ago when slots machines worked with coins and you had to enter a coin after each spin.

Nowadays slots machines have evolved , discover the free flash slots right here now!

Online Slots advantages

As i told you, online slot machines gives you the possibility to play as you like when you want.
There is a huge variety of free slots online that you can choose from. Stop playing on the 3 reel classic slots!

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The history of Slot Machines

I am sure that a lot of you asked yourself who invented the slot machine games. If this is true and you want to find out the history of the slot machines read this short story.

Gambling games were invented centuries ago. A lot of gambling games origin is still unknown, but we know that the most profitable casino game online, the slot machine was first invented in the United States. These have been invented in the year 1887 by Charles Fey in San Francisco.

Before Charles invented his slot machine there were similar machines that worked with coins. Most of these were poker slots where the player had won a cigarette or a drink if he got a winning combination. These slot machines were called “trade simulators” because the players won merchandise not cash.

Fey’s machine was the first that gave out payments in real money to players. His slot machine was a basic one which had 3 reels and every reel had 10 symbols. the symbols were: diamonds, heart, and bells. If you got a combination of 3 bells you won the jackpot. This slot machine was named “Liberty Bell”.

Online slot machine were invented in the 90’s, first players did not really want to play online slot machines because they did not trust online gambling. Online gambling got revolutionized in the year 2000 and became even more popular than land based casino. Thanks to the big number of online casinos players now also have the chance to play on free slot machines online!