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A little more about these games

As you know, lotteries and bingo are two of the most popular gambling games currently. Although they have similar “architecture” and use similar principles, there are differences between them.

Lotterie Balls

Both games use randomly generated numbers with the help of a ball, ticket, computer or something similar, and cards or vouchers with grids and numbers.

What is the difference between Bingo & Lotteries?

Bingo is more of a parlor game that makes it so popular. Usually takes place in specialized location, where players buy tickets and then witness the shooting.

Players can participate in the drawing immediately after they purchased their ticket. In the case of lotteries you buy the ticket and complete it, but then you have to wait until the drawing takes place at a predetermined data.

Also game tickets have different functions. If you play bingo the numbers on the ticket are preset. Players choose their tickets, but no numbers on them. But in case of the lotteries, the player receives a ticket with a grid of numbers and they are free to choose their own numbers that they want to play.
Perhaps the biggest difference between the two game is the winning amount. Lotteries can earn you much higher amounts than bingo.

Although bingo and lotteries are gambling games there are strategies and schemes that can increase your chances of winning. Of course they are not perfect and do not provide a guaranteed win, but they are more productive than if we just play random numbers.

Some of you might not have money to play for real money, that is why we recommend to try our free bingo games listed above. Beside the free bingo you will also find free lotteries and other games related to Bingo & Lotteries.

Good luck and have fun!