Energy Points

Energy Points

A new system implemented at our Casino.

Energy Casino comes with something new again and hits the industry of gambling.

Collect pints by playing your favorite slot machines online and convert them to real money, or buy some incredible gifts, such as: Energy Casino Branded clothing, Electronics & other cool prizes.

How the energy point system works?

Every gambler how plays on this website get Energy Points.

Every slot machine generates points in different rates. For example some of these games generates 20% and others just 1%-5%.

If you play Book of Ra you got for every spin 20%. This means if you bet 10 euro you will get 2 Energy Point.
Other slot machines like Deuces Wild will give you just a 5 % rate.

Games that brings you just 1% Energy Points:
– Blackjack, Blackjack classic
– Texas Hold`em professional series
– Carribean Sud, Red Dog
– European Roulette, French Roulette, Roulette Advanced, Multi ball Roulette
– Sic Be, Joker Wild, Jacks or Better and Baccarat.

energy points gifts

How much these points worth?

100 EP = 1 EUR.
You can exchange your energy point in every currency your account is.
This transaction will automatically work and your money will be in your Energy Casino wallet.

What to do with this Energy Points?

You can buy a lot of things. For example you can buy T-shirts,hoodies, sun-glasses,i-pod, ps-vita,audio packs.
Or if you want to take a picture from your winnings you can exchange your EP to a Dslr-Camera. If you are bored or you want to try something new you can get a Dart set just for 16000 Energy Points.

Why we love Energy Casino?

Is the best casino you can find on the internet. You win every moment even if you lose money. You can capitalize your points in money.
That’s the best choice you can do.