Lotteries around the world

The lotteries is one of the most important things in every players life. Lottery was invented at bet beginning of the XX centurys,it’s fun and entertains the people and it makes possible for everyone to win a big amount of money.

All what you have to do is to complete a lucky lotterie ticket, which can make you millionaire.


How to play on lotteries?

It is very simple, you need to buy a ticket and to mark 4-5-6 numbers, it depends on the lottery ticket type you bought. Every lotterie has his own ticket so you need to choose the one you wanna play. Some of the tickets need to be fill with X, and after fill out the ticket you give it to a Verificator which says the price of the ticket. You can fill more than 5 or 6 numbers but you will pay in plus.

Lotto balls

After the world war II the casinos and lotteries began to appear all over the world. The country’s approved the official lotteries and after that everyone could buy a tickets.
Nowadays lottery tickets can be bought online with credit cards or moneybookers. Payments are made via secured casino sites, never be afraid that your personal data or bank account number will be posted over the internet, they work with SSL systems.

The Lotteries

The organizers of the lotteries are private company’s all over the European country’s. The employees are paid from the incoming money. At most of the European lotteries you don’t need to have all the six numbers, you can win with 3 or 4 numbers too. That’s why so many people are playing lucky lotteries, they dream for the grand prize but they can win with less numbers to. Lotteries results are posted every weekend at least, but most of the companies has two draws every week, one in the middle of the week Wednesday and the other one at the weekend, Sunday.


If you want to calculate a probability for your winning you can do it anytime, so if you are playing 6 from 49 you need to choose six different numbers. After the drawing if you have all the 6 numbers, and there are winning numbers that means you win the grand jackpot. The probability for wining the highest jackpots is 1:13.983.816.
There are also tickets from 6 to 90 numbers. Here the probability of getting the jackpot is 1:622.614.630.

Online possibilities

Now you can play online free lotteries just on our website. You can play as much as you want without any deposit. Try your luck for free!

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