Darts Game

Darts is an English origin game, in which the player has to target a special sector with arrows. The darts game is developing every players ability of concentration, requires a lot of precision. The traditional hemp board develops the ability of fast calculation, because the player need to count the results and keep it in mind. Usually this famous game is played in Pubs and there is also world championship of darts.

Darts Board

One of the best darts player is considered to be the man with the nickname of “The Power”, Phil Taylor. He won several championships, he was world champion for 14 times. Borne in 1960, he won his first world championship game in 1995. Nowadays the standard darts is played on a steel dart board. This board is the most popular among the world, the size of the board has a diameter of 45 cm and the used surface of the board is 34 cm.

A little more to know about darts

Darts is a timeless sport, you can begin playing any time. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, women or men, the odds are similar for everyone. Everyone can become a good player.

Who arranged the numbers on the darts board?

Many of the players don’t know the answer. So this is a good question. The person who arranged the numbers on the darts board was Brian Gamlin in the year of 1896.
The darts board is divided into 4 segments.
– The first segment is the highest valued “The Bull” is in the middle of the board. Has a value of 25 but if you hit the double Bull than you will got 50.
– The second segment is the “triple section” which has the triple value of every number. For example if you hit the triple 20 then you will get a score of 60.
– The third segment is the “double section” which has the double value of every number. For example if you hit the double 8 then you will have a score of 16.
– The fourth segment is the simple section where you can hit any number and the value of this will be the number you hit

The structure of the darts arrows

Every darts arrow has a dart flights, the shaft it can be from carbon, sigma shafts, molded, side loading, aluminium, or titanium shaft. The rules says that the arrows must stay at least 3 seconds in the board after the last dart was thrown. So it is important to select the best arrows, if the arrows are not in the target the player will get no points.

Types of Darts Games

There are many type of darts games. I will list the most popular dart games.

“´01” the main objective of this game is to reduce your score to 0. Every player begins with a specific number of points depending on the type of the game 301,501,601,801,1001. The winner will be the player who reaches 0 points first.

“Cricket” this requires good skills and good strategy. The players will play on specific segments 15,16,17,18,19,20 and the bulls eye. Every player need to complete the score table with these numbers. You need to hit three times every number to win.

“No score cricket” it’s the same game as the simple cricket the differences between these two consist in that they introduce two more sections, the double and the triple section. The player can hit this sections to finish faster the game.

“Cut throat cricket”. The rules of this game is similar to the other two games, the players need to complete the 15,16,17,18,19,20 and the bulls eye segments and have the lowest score. The players can use the double and triple section too. Cut throat cricket can be played by maximum eight players.

“Round the clock”. The rules of this game are really simple and it’s an easier game like the cricket. The players need to hit the numbers from 1 to 20 clockwise. The game can be finished just by 20 throw. The game has two different versions round the clock with doubles, where you go clockwise but you need to throw double for every number and round the clock with triple where you need to throw triple for every number.

“Gotcha”. Every player begin with 0 score and has to reach exactly 301 to win. It is possible to reduce the score of the other players by reaching his score. For example if the other player has 225 and you have 205 if you hit 20 his score will be reset to 0.

“Killer”. At the beginning of the game every player has a number of lives from 7 to 13. Every player has to choose a segment, different from other players by throwing the arrow into a section. To be a “Killer” you need to throw double into your section, after this you can throw in others segments to. If you throw into others sections indifferent if it’s simple, double or triple his life will be reduced with 1. The winner is who survives.

Now you can play darts online, you can try a version on our website. If you think you have skills and patience than play free darts games.

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